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Food and Beer – The Perfect Pairings

Food and Beer: The Perfect Pairings

Whether you’re looking for a refreshing brew after a long day, or a deep, rich drink with your meal, food and beer are a match made in heaven. The right pairings can elevate any dish and bring out the best flavors.

Three Cs: Cut, Complement and Contrast

When it comes to pairing foods and beers, the basics are simple: some beers may cut through the flavor of a food, while others complement it perfectly. In general, lighter foods go well with light beers and heavier foods with dark beers.

German lagers are typically milder than many other types of beers and work great with fish or chicken dishes. They’re also great with cream sauces, as they will balance the flavor.

Pale ales, on the other hand, have a sweeter, malty character and are very hoppy. They tend to pair well with aromatic, spicy or smoky foods and are good for grilled meats.

Amber beers have a smooth, dry and balanced flavor with hints of caramel. They are also very easy to drink and are a good choice for summer days.

Brown ales aren’t as bitter as other medium-hued beers, and they have a rich, malty and nutty flavor that complements almost anything. These beers are great for grilling or roasted meats, cheeses and a wide range of desserts.

Baltic-Style Porters have a smooth, cold-lagered and cold-fermented character and a strong alcohol profile. They pair well with prime rib, aged gouda and s’mores desserts.

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