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Food and Beer – Complementing and Contrasting

Food and Beer: Complementing & Contrasting

When it comes to pairing beer with food, there are several principles you can follow. These include complementing flavors, contrasting flavors and cleansing the palate.

Complimenting Flavors – When choosing the right type of beer for your dish, keep in mind that most beers come in a variety of different styles. For instance, lagers are crisp and refreshing while ales are richer and more complex in flavor.

Ales are fermented with a yeast strain that enjoys a warm environment, resulting in complex flavors like fruit, earth and spice. They include IPAs, Belgian dubbels and tripels, saisons, porters and Irish stouts.

Lagers are also fermented with a yeast strain that needs a cool environment (lager is German for “storage”). They include pilsners and pale German and Mexican beers.

Yeast is the primary ingredient that turns sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide during brewing. There are many different kinds of yeasts that brewers use to make their beers, each one with its own unique characteristics.

Beer also contains many vitamins and minerals that are good for your body. This includes B vitamins, calcium and potassium.

Although heavy beer use can be bad for your health, a moderate amount of alcohol consumption can have some beneficial effects, including improving cholesterol levels, lowering the risk of diabetes and strengthening the heart. It is important to drink in moderation, though, as excessive alcohol use can cause damage to the liver, brain and lungs.

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