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What Is the Best Beer?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to the question, “What is the best beer?” But in the age of hype and bottle trades, there are a few styles that deserve extra attention. They’re not necessarily first-ballot hall of fame beers, but they’re still great, and they represent an alternative path to brewing success.

The Best American Lagers

Whether you’re craving a cold, refreshing drink or simply want something easy to sip, these beers will hit the spot. They’re popular, familiar, and widely available, so they’ll fit into a variety of occasions.

Miller High Life is another classic, and it’s got a cool, clean identity that appeals to even craft beer and cocktail pros. This lager, which has been around since 1903, has been a staple of American beer culture and is a good choice for daytime gatherings and late night bar visits.

Redd’s Apple Ale is a fun twist on the cider-to-beer mashup, with tons of juicy apples balancing out a bit of malt and hops for a nice seasonal flavor. This brew isn’t as sweet as many of the ciders on this list, so it’ll satisfy those who are looking for a lighter option.

Modelo Especial is a deceptively full-bodied beer that hits all the right notes. It’s got plenty of fresh herbs and a hefty dose of corn, and you’ll pick up the malt and some hops on the finish.

While Phase Three is known for its big stouts and IPAs, this dark lager shows the brewery’s attention to detail with a subtle balance of flavors. It’s a Czech-style dark lager with bread crust and milk chocolate flavors, but it also has a floral, spicy, and floral hop edge that finishes dry. It’s a surprisingly approachable beer that fits in nicely among local beer’s densely packed selection of dark lagers.

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