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The Best Beers of All Time

Best beer

Across the United States, commercial breweries are busy producing amber-colored gold to quench the thirst of millions. Whether you’re sipping on a classic light lager, hard seltzer, or craft beer-style gourmet draft, breweries are stoking the fire with a dizzying array of popular beers.

There’s no denying that these brews are a staple of American life, a go-to when the weather gets hot, and a comforting drink at daytime gatherings and late night bars. But there are some styles that, for one reason or another, have remained underappreciated by the general public.

Michelob Light

While this light beer is a little more keto-friendly than its cousin, Ultra, it still doesn’t quite make the cut for our top spot. It’s a smooth, delicious draft that hits that coveted low-carb sweet spot with hops and luxe caramel notes, but that just isn’t enough to earn its place as the best beer.

Heineken lager

The nation’s premier pale lager is a refreshing, frothy delight that tastes a lot stronger than mass-manufactured lagers. It’s a classic beer that pairs well with food and is very drinkable even when super cold.

Heineken is a classic, with a beautiful interplay of sweetness and bitterness. It has a lovely malt base, bright apple flavors, and some corn to round out the mix. It also has a fair amount of skunkiness, but it’s very intentional and works well with the sweetness and fruity flavors.

Lagunitas NA IPA (IPNA)

This California-brewed, American-style IPA is an excellent choice for those looking for a light, fruity flavor without the full-throttle alcohol. The citrus and hoppy bitterness are balanced by the pilsner-style brew’s rich, robust mouthfeel, proving that a lower ABV doesn’t have to mean compromised taste.

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