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New Craft Beer Trends

New craft beer brewing is on the rise. Despite a decline in beer sales in recent years, the number of breweries has grown by 390% between 2010 and 2020. This growth is largely driven by taprooms.

New beer styles are also being introduced to the market, allowing more people to sample and enjoy beer. The trend is especially pronounced among Millennials. These customers aren’t looking for a craft beer with a story or heritage, but they are looking for a great tasting beer that they can find easily and enjoy at any time of day.

Some new craft beers are even using innovative ingredients that aren’t traditionally in beer. For example, Flying Embers, a brand known for its healthful hard kombucha and hard seltzers, has a new brew that includes adaptogens from reishi mushrooms.

The beer is a blend of a traditional stout with reishi mushroom extract, bittersweet cocoa, barley, rolled oats, monk fruit and vanilla. The result is a creamy, easy-drinking stout with a balance of bitter and sweet and a dry finish.

Breweries are also experimenting with beer and wine combinations. While many brewers have already been creating beer-infused wines, they’re adding grapes to their beers as well. This has helped create beer-wine hybrids that are surprisingly flavorful and refreshing, according to a report from the Brewers Association.

While many breweries have been focusing on hops, the use of barley is becoming more important. American barley farmers are predicted to increase their production in order to accommodate the needs of breweries. This will help brewers who are just starting out to perfect their recipes and get the raw materials they need for the best possible product.

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