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Best Beers Underappreciated

Best beer

When it comes to beer, there’s always a place for the classics. But there’s also room for new favorites. And if the stout-heavy craft world’s recent reimaginings of long-standing flagships (New Belgium, Rogue) prove anything, there’s no shortage of exciting options.

Best beer

The most popular brews across the country often get all the hype, but there are a lot of impressive beers out there that get overlooked for one reason or another. Whether they’re not as well known or don’t have the buzz of their more hyped counterparts, these underappreciated styles could be the next big thing.

Top pick: Hawley Hefeweizen

As with the other hefeweizens we’ve included on this list, Hawley Hefeweizen skirts the banana and clove hefe debate entirely, offering a tropical-floral-herbal orientation that keeps fluffy malt flavor under control and finishes pleasantly dry.

Next on this list is a Czech-style dark lager from Phase Three, which strays a bit from the brewery’s more hype-focused playbook with its bread crust and milk chocolate aromas. But those strong scents don’t translate into the sip, where the roasted and toasty malt notes are insinuated rather than enunciated.

Best beer: Heineken Light

If you’re looking for a light lager that cuts back on the calories, Heineken Light will give you what you need. This European lager is brewed with a variety of premium hops and malt that adds a nutty, herbal flavor and a nice kick of bitterness to the mix.

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