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What is Craft Beer?

Craft Beer

Craft Beer

If you’ve ever been to a beer bar or bottle shop, you’ve probably seen an enormous range of craft beers. While most beer sections in US grocery stores and bodegas contain mass-made macro brews, there’s also a plethora of smaller, specialized breweries that produce their own unique beers.

These microbreweries are generally referred to as craft brewers, and they make a wide range of different styles of beer from all over the world. They take traditional ingredients like barley and brew it with a variety of ingredients for distinction and flavor.

They also experiment with brewing techniques, using new and old ingredients to reinterpret historical beer styles or develop completely new ones. They’re often a source of inspiration for new craft brewers.

Craft brewing is an incredibly complex and diverse industry, with nearly every flavor combination possible. It’s a true kaleidoscope of flavors, and it’s almost impossible to define what makes one style of beer better than another.

It’s a very important part of the American economy, with more than 3,000 breweries producing more than 2 million barrels of beer per year in 2021. The industry saw recovery growth in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and is expected to continue growing.

The Brewers Association is the leading organization representing the craft brewing industry and is responsible for developing and promoting the Independent Craft Seal, which the majority of craft breweries use to distinguish themselves from their macro competition. The association aims to promote and protect small, independent brewers and the craft beer community at large.

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