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New Craft Beer Styles for 2023 – And Beyond

New craft beer

New craft beer is a phenomenon in which small, independent breweries compete with the big boys for the hearts and dollars of consumers. It is also a movement that has been driven by the changing laws and regulations surrounding brewing and the growing demand for better, fresher beers.

New styles for 2023 — and beyond

With the proliferation of craft breweries, the industry’s options have become vast and diverse. While some breweries seek to make their beers stand out with the latest flavors or innovations, others look to time-honored styles for satisfying refreshment.

Traditional IPAs are gaining in popularity. These beers, which have a long history, feature citrusy hops and can deliver a complex balance of flavor and bitterness.

But there are a number of styles that can also deliver the same kind of punch without any fruity or exotic ingredients. Those are the best beers to keep an eye out for in 2023, experts say.

Pale ales and balanced lagers (non-light) are often overlooked in the craft brewing world, but they can still provide a refreshing counterpoint to the increasingly popular hazy IPAs. Ben Bruker, chief brewery sales officer at Schlafly Beer in St. Louis, notes that a balanced amber ale or a toffee-tinged brown can be more versatile than an IPA and can deliver the same amount of flavor.

Hazy IPAs are still the most popular style of craft beer, but experts say they may soon find themselves at “break even” with their growth because they can be expensive to produce and may not be a good match for some consumers’ taste preferences.

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