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New Craft Beer

New craft beer

New craft beer is a growing category of beer made by small and midsize brewers that aren’t big enough to sell through traditional distributors and are mostly sold in their own shops and tasting rooms. They also occasionally supply a nearby bar or store.

The breweries that make this type of beer are often focused on specific styles or regions and have a broader understanding of the industry than the bigger brewers. They are also able to use different ingredients and processes, such as barrel-aging or adding spices, that large brewers may not be able to do.

Increasingly, these smaller companies are gaining recognition for their craftsmanship and have become leaders in the industry. They are a key contributor to the growth of American craft beer.

These breweries are pioneering new ways to hone their craft and improve the quality of their beer. They are experimenting with different types of yeast, such as thiolized strains to help yeast produce more fruity aromas, or using drought-resistant hops and barley that uses less water.

They are also partnering with local restaurants and bars to offer brewing classes and workshops. This is a way for a new brewer to show off their skills without having to invest in a brewpub or tasting room.

This is a growing trend, and one that many brewers are taking advantage of. They are experimenting with different types of beer and adding new flavors to their portfolios. Some are even introducing nonalcoholic beers to the market, such as Athletic Brewing’s lineup of alcohol-free IPAs and sour ales.

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