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New Craft Beer Trends

New craft beer

New craft beer is a huge trend in the United States. It’s growing 390% between 2010 and 2020, according to the Brewers Association. While some of the top national brewing companies like Anheuser-Busch InBev and Molson Coors continue to dominate the market, smaller craft breweries are on the rise.

More than ever, consumers want variety and unique flavor experiences. That’s why a huge percentage of the beer industry is focusing on developing new products that meet the needs of consumers.

Those consumers are turning to a variety of styles and trends, including more fruity tones, hazy IPAs, and beer-flavored soda. It’s a natural evolution of the consumer, and it can lead to some fantastic beers.

Fruity IPAs are one of the most popular IPA craft beers right now, and it looks like they will continue to gain popularity. These IPAs often have the added benefit of being more accessible to those who may not be familiar with beer, or those who just want to enjoy an easy-drinking IPA style that isn’t as high in alcohol or calories as the more traditional hoppy flavors found in many American IPAs.

Hazy IPAs are also a popular beer style right now, and they can be more refreshing for those who have become tired of the classic, hoppy flavors of IPAs. They’re great for summer drinking, especially when paired with some fresh fruits and vegetables to make the flavors even more fruity.

Lagers are another popular craft beer style that has been growing in popularity lately. They are typically low in alcohol, calories and carbohydrates, and a good choice for those looking to limit their alcohol intake.

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