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New Craft Beer

New craft beer

New craft beer is a term that refers to beer from small-to-midsize breweries. Many of these breweries sell their beer directly to consumers at their tasting rooms or retail locations. This distribution system works well for large breweries, but hasn’t always been the case for smaller breweries.

New beers can also be a great way to introduce new consumers to the world of craft beer. These beers can range from traditional ales to lagers to sours.

The best way to get started drinking craft beer is to start with a style that you like. If you’re a fan of hoppy beers, then try IPAs or West Coast IPAs. If you enjoy a darker style, try a dark stout or porter.

You should also consider pairing the beer with food. Lighter beers pair well with lighter dishes, while darker beers are better suited for heavier or savory foods.

Juicy IPAs are one of the most popular styles in the craft market. These beers are brewed with fruity hops to provide a fruity, refreshing taste that is full-bodied and aromatic.

Cold IPAs are another emerging style that is becoming increasingly popular. These beers combine the boldness of IPAs with the crispness of lagers to create a more flavorful drink.

Kettle Sours are another sour beer that is growing in popularity. These beers have a lower acidity and include more fruits than barrel-aged sour beers, which can help attract newer beer consumers.

Non-Alcoholic (NA) Beverages are another growing segment in the craft beer industry. These beers can be brewed to include hops in the recipe, or they can be made without alcohol.

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