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New Craft Beer Trends for 2022

New craft beer

New craft beer is a diverse space that continues to grow and evolve, as it should. It’s a mix of brewing creativity and industry challenges, such as supply chain difficulties and heightened non-alcoholic beer demand.

Brewing diversity in 2022

A new crop of breweries are brewing beers that appeal to the widest possible base, particularly those traditionally left out of the beer conversation. This includes people of color, women and others. The list of new breweries below exemplifies the broad range of beer styles being created and marketed to these groups, from classic styles to a wide variety of flavors and ingredients.

Hop Waters

A growing segment of the non-alcoholic beer market is the non-alcoholic sparkling hop water category, where a variety of breweries are packaging their own versions of this fun new trend. These bottled beverages are meant to serve as an alternative way for drinkers to enjoy the flavor of beer without having to reach their alcohol limits.

Rose Beer

Inspired by the sweet, pink wine of the same name, rose beer is a booming style that’s quickly making its way into the mainstream. While this brew has already been a popular choice in the United States, it’s only going to get more widespread as breweries start making their own versions of this fruity, juicy and floral beer.

Cold IPAs

During the past two years, cold IPAs have started popping up on draft lists everywhere. They’re a good way for brewers to experiment with a different type of IPA without committing to the bold hops, bitterness and aroma that come with the more traditional West Coast styles.

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