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Electronic Batch Record and Machine Learning for Craft Beer

Craft Beer

Craft Beer is a brewing style that has become popular in the United States over the past few decades. It’s an approach to brewing that focuses on using quality ingredients, innovative techniques and the creativity of brewers.

While the term “craft” is used to refer to a variety of styles, it generally denotes beers produced by small breweries that are independent from large alcoholic beverage companies. This means the brewer is not owned or controlled by the industry and their products are free from many of the regulations that larger brewers must adhere to.

The AABC reports that since 2008, craft breweries have been increasing their staffs at a faster rate than any other sector. This is a sign that brewers are becoming more energized and aren’t content to sit back and watch their sales decline.

Aside from the growth in craft breweries, the number of consumers who are drinking craft beers has also increased. In fact, it’s the only segment of the beer market that is seeing double-digit growth quarter after quarter.

This is a trend that’s been fueled by consumers who want their beer to be made by a company that isn’t run by a giant corporation. They are looking for a better flavor and an experience that’s more personalized.

To meet these demands, craft brewers are turning to electronic batch record (EBR) solutions and machine learning (ML) to digitize their beer quality documentation, identify deviations and address them proactively. This helps brewers maintain consistency and compliance in their production process and ensures that their products meet or exceed consumer expectations.

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