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Brewery Tours

brewery tours

Brewery tours can be a fun way to get to know a particular brew or to try different types of beer that aren’t available in your area. If you’re planning a trip to a new city and you want to learn more about the local craft beers, brewery tours are a great way to go.

The best brewery tours offer a behind-the-scenes look at the brewing process and sample beer made by a specific brewery. Some of these tours also feature interesting history and even games, while others allow you to taste a wide variety of beers.

Almost any brewer offers a tour, but some of the best breweries include unique features like a museum or gallery where they display their beer-making tools and ingredients. Some breweries offer free tours as well, which is an added bonus when visiting a new place.

Allagash Brewing Company, located in Portland, Oregon, brews traditional and experimental Belgian ales and bottle-conditions them for an extra layer of flavor. They have a tasting room and also host small-group brewery tours.

Brooklyn Brewery is one of the most popular breweries in the country and has a lot to offer visitors who are interested in the beer-making process. The company’s small-batch tour includes in-depth tours and history as well as a guided tasting and you get to keep the branded Brooklyn Brewery glass that you can take home!

Golden’s historic streets are dotted with microbreweries and saloons, and this tour lets you visit three of them in one day. You’ll learn about the city’s craft beer history and see its famous brewery district, while enjoying a pizza lunch and a few samples of local beers along the way.

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