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New Craft Beer – Getting Creative With Packaging and Messaging

New craft beer

New craft beer is often a welcome respite from the same old offerings on retail shelves. This is especially true when a beer hits the right note on social media, as it can draw a large crowd to the taproom and help a brewery’s brand grow.

Breweries can also get creative with their packaging and messaging to attract more customers. This can be done via a variety of marketing strategies, such as putting the product front and center on packaging or in a clever way on social media, such as a snazzy Instagram photo featuring a delicious-looking mug.

One strategy that works well in this scenario is to use words and phrases that a young consumer may be more receptive to. For example, craft breweries are increasingly using the term “Pub Ale” to describe beers that fall under the category of English-style ales.

Another approach is to make the beer itself more compelling and stand out from other craft beers on the shelf. For example, Back Home Beer, a Brooklyn-based brewery, is making its Persian Blue Lager with blue salt from Semnan, Iran.

This beer represents how creativity and culture can transform an old-school style into something new. It also points to how brewers are taking the time and effort to think about what makes their beer unique from that of other competitors.

It’s hard to say whether or not this will continue in the years ahead, but one thing is for sure: The craft beer industry is going to keep evolving. It is an exciting, ever-changing space that is sure to be around for a long time to come.

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