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How Breweries Show Appreciation for Tour Guests

brewery tours

Brewery tours are a great way to explore the craft beer scene and meet the people behind the beers. They can also be an excellent way to learn more about the history of a brewery and its community.

How Breweries Show Appreciation for Tour Guests

A good brewery tour can be a major win-win for both the beer brand and the visitor. It gives you an opportunity to showcase your brewing processes and your unique flavor profile, while giving your visitors an experience that will be remembered long after the last sip.

Make your Brewery Tour Easy to Book

Creating an online booking process that’s as simple as possible can increase your tour attendance and keep track of guests who are already interested in your products. Many tour companies use online solutions like Checkfront to help streamline the booking process and increase participation.

Provide Tour Participants with a Fun Brewery T-Shirt or Pint Glass

Branded add-ons are a great way to extend the impact of your brewery tour and make sure you’re creating a moment that your customers won’t forget. Offering a T-shirt or pint glass branded with your logo is a unique way to bring the experience home and show your appreciation for the time and effort that went into it.

Create a Safe Environment for Your Guests

When you have a tour group, it’s important to stay on your toes and ensure that everyone is following the rules. If you see someone straying away, let them know immediately so they can either join the group or leave.

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