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Tips for Food and Beer Pairing

Food and beer go together like peanut butter and jelly, but the pairing can be tricky. So, here are some tips to help you pair food with beer and make the experience more enjoyable!

Matching the visuals of your food and beer

A well-thought-out presentation can be an important part of the food and beverage pairing process. You want to be sure that the colors and clarity of your beer match the colors and overall look of your dish, as well as the flavor and aroma of your food.

Complementing flavors and textures

Often, the best way to create an outstanding combination of food and drink is to complement each other with similar flavors or textures. This works especially well when the flavors or textures of the foods you’re pairing are light, crisp, and fresh.

Contrasting flavors and textures

Bringing flavors or textures together that contrast with each other is another approach to food and beer pairing. This is especially effective with foods that are hot, spicy, or acidic, such as barbecue, grilled fish, or pizza.

Cleansing the palate

Using beer as a palate cleanser can be a great way to cut through the bitterness of an IPA or to keep your taste buds from getting too spicy when pairing with Korean fried chicken. Also, be sure to use a beer that’s not too heavy in alcohol to cut through the richness of stewed and braised meats and rich desserts.

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