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New Craft Beer is Taking the Beer Industry by Storm

New craft beer

New craft beer is a brew that’s created by small breweries or micro-breweries, and it’s an exciting trend that’s taking the beer industry by storm. These brews typically offer a wide range of tastes, higher quality ingredients and sometimes even higher alcohol content than mass-produced beers.

The rise of new craft beer is largely driven by demand-side factors, but supply-side factors have played a role as well. In many countries, the emergence and growth of craft beer has been accompanied by an increase in incomes among beer consumers, a reliance on home brewing as a way to experiment with different styles, and the formation of consumer associations that focus on experiencing and disseminating information about different beers.

Topping the list of this year’s most buzzworthy new beers is a light lager that’s low in carbs and calories but packed with flavor. This Asian-inspired brew from San Jose, California’s number-one-selling beer brand weighs in at 90 calories and 2.4 carbs per 12 oz serving.

This English-style pale ale is the perfect counterpoint to hazy IPAs or stouts freighted with lactose and cookie batter. It’s also a great drink to pair with meat and cheese.

Juicy IPAs are still the hottest style in the craft beer market, but some breweries are turning to older brewing styles, such as pilsners, for a more traditional beer drinking experience. These pilsners, crafted by American and European breweries alike, are often fresh-hopped and provide crisp, clean refreshment that’s a welcome alternative to 100-calorie hard seltzers, which are “too bubbly and sucky,” says advanced Cicerone Em Sauter of illustrative beer education company Pints and Panels.

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