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Craft Brewery Tours

Craft beer tours are a great way to experience the brewing process and learn about how it is made. These tours are often available at larger breweries and some you can sign up for in advance. They can be a fun and exciting way to spend an afternoon or evening and you can get free beer and learn about the process.

New York City has a huge amount of breweries, and they are all worth visiting for their unique flavor. Brooklyn Brewery is one of the most popular and is a great place to start your tour.

Samuel Adams, the Boston-based brewery, offers a variety of tours for both visitors and residents alike. These 60-minute guided tours let you explore the brewery and the many facets of its history.

Dogfish Head, a famous brewmaster and producer of some of the most unique beers in the world, also has a series of tours you can choose from. These grain to glass tours give you the chance to see how beer is made, and take a look into normally off-limits parts of their brewing facilities.

Allagash, a Portland-based craft brewery founded in 1995, is known for their Belgian beers and bottle conditioning technique. This allows them to use a fresh dose of yeast when they brew, giving the beers a more unique taste.

Stone Brewing, a San Diego-based company that brews seven year-round bold beers and a few “reverse releases” that allow them to experiment with new flavors, offers both guided and self-guided tasting tours. Guided tours are $5, and they have limited space so it’s best to make a reservation.

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