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What is Craft Beer?

Craft Beer

Craft Beer is becoming more and more popular, and with good reason. It’s tasty, it has some important health benefits and isn’t overly sweet (like some commercial brews).

It also gives you the opportunity to have intelligent discussions with friends about beer styles, origin, ingredients and other interesting features of the type you are drinking. And you can do all of this in a friendly and fun atmosphere.

‘Craft’ Beverages are traditionally produced in traditional and independent breweries with small outputs that have been crafted, rather than manufactured. Compared to ‘commercial’ beers, they are more expensive and tend to have a higher alcohol content.

They are usually sold in bottles or cans and come in different flavours and’styles’ such as IPAs, Hazy IPAs, Triple IPAs and more. They are often made with a lot of hops and can be very strong.

The Craft Beer Market is promising but it represents a fraction of the overall commercial one, mainly due to the low involvement of large-scale producers. To sustain growth, breweries must balance the innovative elements of craft beers with the consumers’ expectations.

The Brewers Association defines ‘craft beer’ as small, independent and traditional. This reflects the belief that beer should be brewed in a way that honors brewing traditions, respects the ingredients and creates a community of people who enjoy craft beer. The association helps new breweries with advice and resources, publishes great beer books and reports on the industry.

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