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What is Beer?

What is beer?

Beer is a naturally fermented, alcoholic beverage made from a variety of grains and yeasts. It contains sugars from the malt, as well as flavouring agents such as hops. The yeast eats the sugar, producing carbon dioxide (CO2) and ethyl alcohol (a type of ethanol).

Brewing is a process that begins with a mixture called a mash that is made up of cereal grains. The mash is then boiled and concentrated to increase the amount of sugar by volume. This process also kills any undesirable microorganisms.

The resulting mixture is then allowed to cool and is called the “wort”. This wort is then added to a fermenter. The fermentation process will result in the production of ethyl alcohol, carbon dioxide, and water.

A variety of brewing styles have developed since the first beer was made. These styles can be categorized in various ways, but are generally broken into the major categories of Pale Ale, Dark Beer, and Lager.

Pale Ale is one of the world’s major styles, and it is brewed using top-fermenting yeast with predominantly pale malt. This style has a high alcoholic content and a strong flavour.

Dark Beer is a darker style of beer that includes porters and stouts. These beers are based on grain, and use top-fermenting yeast that ferments slowly to produce a rich beer. Stouts are very dark and heavy and can include variants such as Dry Stout, Oatmeal Stout, and Milk Stout.

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