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New Craft Beer Trends

New craft beer

New craft beer is a category of specialty beers made from ingredients other than barley, hops and yeast. It includes American and European breweries that rethink traditional brewing methods and are typically smaller in scale, with lower production costs than their macrobrewery counterparts.

The number of new craft breweries has steadily increased for more than a decade, creating communities that rely on them to attract and retain residents. But the long-building growth is now showing signs of slowing down. In 2023, the smallest number of new breweries in a decade will open, according to a report by the Brewers Association.

Cold IPAs: Easy drinking yet hoppy

In the past couple of years, beer drinkers have likely noticed a trend in draft lists where brewers are making an easier-drinking yet still hoppy version of an IPA. It’s a style that was coined in 2017 by Kevin Davey at Wayfinder Beer in Portland, Oregon, and it’s now becoming a popular choice among IPA fans on the West Coast.

Wine-Bier Combos: Breweries are taking notes from the wine industry and fermenting with grapes from top vineyards in California to produce a brew that has both beer and wine flavors. These combinations are often a new take on the familiar fruit-mimicking IPA, and they might be just what the craft beer market needs to grow again.

Lagers: More flavorful & easy to drink

As the craft beer movement continues to expand, a lot of micro-breweries have embraced the lager segment. In the past, IPAs and lighter ales have been the dominant styles, but that is changing. While IPAs are still the hottest segment, more and more brewers are finding that lagers are also appealing to beer consumers who have been searching for a beer that is not too sweet or too hoppy, and that is easy to drink.

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