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Food and Beer Pairings

food and beer

Food and beer are often paired together, making a meal a memorable experience. Whether you are hosting a tailgate party, going to a sporting event or enjoying a relaxing night at home with family and friends, you can’t go wrong by drinking a delicious beer and eating a hearty meal.

There are many different styles of beer to choose from, and each one can be paired with certain types of food. For example, a blonde ale, which is light and refreshing, pairs well with salads or salmon. The flavor also complements cheeses like Fontina and Havarti, as well as citrus-flavored dishes.

Other styles of beer include lagers and pilsners, which are light, dry, and crisp in taste. They complement a variety of foods, including vegetarian meals, soups, sushi and light pasta dishes.

A stout, a dark beer brewed with roasted malts, can be paired with smoked meats, grilled and barbecued food, seafood, salty foods, oysters, chocolate desserts and more. The complex roastiness and malty flavors in a stout are a perfect match for a hearty, savory dish.

Another great pairing is with a fruity beer, such as a kriek (cherry lambic), which complements savory dishes with a hint of cherry. You can also enjoy a beer with a sweet, spicy or sour flavor, such as a saison.

When choosing the best beer for your next meal, start by taking a couple of sniffs to get a feel for the aromas. A good smelling beer will complement the flavors of your meal and help create a memorable evening.

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