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Best Beer For a Cancer

Best beer

The best beer for a Cancer

A homebody, the nurturing water sign of the zodiac, Cancers are sensitive and comforting. Their ideal beer would have to be sweet and satisfying. This stout from Goa Brewing Company, which is brewed with cornflakes, oats, and milk, brings a nostalgic vibe that a Cancer would enjoy.

This hefeweizen skirts the debate about overly banana-flavored hefes and does it well with a tropical-floral-herbal orientation that keeps the hefe’s light, fluffy malt flavor under control. Hawley’s hefeweizen isn’t a slam-dunk in our eyes, but it’s a stellar example of its style that should be more widely available to beer lovers.

Getting more attention in the craft brewing world isn’t just about new styles, but also older ones that haven’t gotten the recognition they deserve. These overlooked beers might not have the hype of their more coveted cousins, but they’re all excellent brews.

Stouts are a popular choice for the beer-obsessed, but they can be overly sweet or too heavy in body. We asked our panel of brewers to select the best stouts that aren’t too sweet, yet still offer enough rich flavors to make you feel satisfied.

Old Style is one of the most recognizable beers in the Midwest and has been a favorite of Cubs fans since it was first brewed. This lager is light in color and flavor but has a nice smooth mouthfeel that makes it an easy-drinking beer to sip over and over again.

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