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Trends in Craft Beer 2023

Craft Beer 2023

Trends in Craft Beer 2023

Craft beer industry is in an interesting place right now, as global supply chain disruptions continue and consumers become more health-conscious. Breweries have found creative solutions to address these challenges directly and keep customers coming back for more.

Due to Russia-Ukraine hostilities and poor hop harvests in Germany and Czech Republic, many breweries will turn more towards locally sourced ingredients as raw materials for production. One example is Valley Malt in Holyoke Massachusetts who make malt from barley, rye, and wheat grown nearby for manufacturing their malts – helping keep consistent production rates even when ingredients become scarcer.

Sustainable Brewing Practices

Thanks to growing consumer awareness, breweries are making efforts to lower carbon emissions and decrease their environmental impact while creating delicious beer for their communities. One such effort includes using local-source grains that support farmers while simultaneously making great beer!

Craft Brewers Increase Premiumization

Craft breweries have increasingly sought to differentiate themselves from more established mainstream brewers by upping the premium offering of their offerings, in an effort to gain market share from mainstream brewers. This trend should continue into 2023 as consumers view beer as “financially sound”, thus further supporting value within this category. A growing consumer demand for more expensive and higher quality beers will help the sector maintain value as well.

Creative Use of Ingredients

Brewing with multiple ingredients remains a popular trend within the industry, particularly among smaller breweries that lack enough capital to invest in innovative recipes. By adding in different elements besides hops – such as grains or fruits – additional flavors will enrich their beer, making it easier for customers to find something they enjoy drinking. This strategy should work equally well regardless of brewery size; but especially beneficial to smaller ones who may lack access to such capital for innovative recipes.

Craft Beer Industry Expanding in Response to Health Concerns

Craft beer production is flourishing as consumers become increasingly concerned with health. They seek lower sugar, calories and alcohol content beers while some even opt for plant-based alternatives to traditional beer brewing processes. Brewers now have an opportunity to be creative while producing flavorful health-oriented beers that appeal to a range of consumer types.

Increased Inclusion in the Craft Beer Industry

Craft beer industry diversity is increasing, and more breweries are taking steps to become more inclusive by hosting events that celebrate different communities and people, such as Black People Know Things trivia nights or cultural celebrations.

Establishing an environment of inclusivity is central to any successful business, including craft brewing. Wah Gwaan in Brooklyn hosts a Black People Know Things Trivia night every month that attracts over 50 participants and includes one drink ticket per attendee.

Craft beer has an exciting future ahead, as more breweries open. 2023 should bring its share of challenges; however, with innovation and these trends at their disposal breweries should be able to overcome these and get through without too many setbacks.

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