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How to Safely Conduct Brewery Tours

Tours can be a great way to tell the story of your brewery and highlight the unique processes involved in making your beer. But the safety of guests, guides, and production staff must be a top priority.

Brewery tours can also be an opportunity to foster your local craft beer community. Take a few minutes to survey your guests to learn more about who they are and why they’re interested in your brews.

Make it a point to talk to them, ask questions and give them the opportunity to drink their favorite beers from tanks as they watch brewing in action! This kind of interactive communication is an important brand touchpoint that expands your branding beyond visual.

Be Creative with Physical Barriers

If you have a viewing platform, make sure to install bump-guarding on any objects that could pose a hazard to guests. If you have areas where hot pipes or chemical containers are located, put up signs that say “OFF LIMITS – HAZARDOUS AREA.”

Don’t Wander Off On Your Own

While most brewery tours include a guide, it’s a good idea to stay on the tour with your fellow guests and their guides. This helps to ensure the tour is a safe experience and it also encourages people to talk with each other, share their knowledge, and make friends.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

It’s a good idea to try at least one beer that you’ve never tried before on a brewery tour, so you can see what differences it makes. You may even find a new favorite beer!

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