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Enjoy the Great American Beer Festival in Denver

Enjoy the Great American Beer Festival in Denver

The Great American Beer Festival, otherwise known as the GABF, is a prestigious three-day international event hosted annually by the brewers association, held each November in Denver, Colorado. The GABF attracts visitors from all over the world to taste thousands of different American craft brews. It’s considered to be the largest beer festival in the United States and one of the biggest international beer events. There are six breweries in attendance, along with special guest speakers and subject matter experts who talk on everything from brewing techniques to logistics.

The GABF started in 1948 as a means for beer makers from across the country to unite. Since then it has grown to encompass not only the brewing industry but also the community at large. Hundreds of beers are judged at the event, and the best beer is chosen for the coveted “gian” category. This year’s GABF is following a new trend, with a focus on family and food together. Craft breweries will be showcasing many of their favorite food products.

Colorado, like many other states, is a state with a rich history. Home to Pikes Peak, Denver’s Front Range offers a wide variety of beer making traditions. Many Colorado breweries have a long history, brewing their own beer for years before bottling it for sale. Established breweries like CO Restaurant & Brewing Co. are working hard to stay on top of the competition.

In addition to pairing great beers with mouthwatering foods, the GABF offers an experience like no other. The evening events at the Great American Beer Festival are unlike any other brew fair. Special tastings are given at each of the six breweries, including a cask tasting at Denver’s Braxton Point Winery. At each restaurant, guests are treated to rare tastings and a mingle with brewers from across the country.

Another option for those looking for a more casual event is the Denver Beer Club’s “Taste of the Month.” Every month, different breweries host a special party to taste their finest brews. This event, which runs the course of two weeks, includes one keg per person and unlimited tastings. The beer can be paired with different appetizers, salads, or even grilled food. This is a great option for a family or group event.

Whether you are looking for a day or weekend of relaxation at the Great American Beer Festival, Denver is offering many options. Check out the website for a full list of events and times. You’ll be able to find many of your favorite Colorado breweries as well as the International Breweries in Europe, Germany, and Austria. Check back often for news on the latest additions to the lineup.

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